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Member Giveaway 13!

Congratulations to Jordan Smith of Raymond, Alberta on being the recipient of a member bike in our 13th Member Appreciation Giveaway! She is a Silver Member.

2017 Ride for Bully Awareness

Registration is now open!!

If you are a current member, your membership includes a +1 pass.

Otherwise, registration is $25. You may Pre-Register and pay below.

Beacon Hill School Presentation

Our Lead Educator, Regan, teaches the Beacon Hill students about empathy and bully awareness!


View the presentation!

Member Giveaway 12!


Valerie Pardy-Antle

Congratulations to Valerie Pardy-Antle of Red Deer, Alberta for being the recipient of a member bike in our 12th giveaway!   

Valerie is a SILVER member of, earning her entry by supporting the organization with an annual membership!



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